Underwood Distinguished Professor & Professor of Philosophy

Underwood International College, Yonsei University

Veritas Research Center, Yonsei University –founder & director

Asian Journal of Philosophy – editor in chief

Asian Epistemology Network – co-founder

Eastern Hemisphere Language & Metaphysics Network – co-founder

Social Epistemology Network – steering committee member

Argumenta – editorial board member

My main research areas are epistemology, truth, metaphysics, and philosophy of logic. Much of my recent and current work focuses on pluralism about truth, logic, or ontology (sometimes in combination). I also like to think about non-evidential warrant,  epistemic value, and epistemic consequentialism. Additionally, I have done some work on the epistemology of absence-based inference, open-ended schemas, and neo-Fregeanism in the philosophy of mathematics. 

Prior to coming to Korea I did a Ph.D. at the Arché Research Centre, University of St. Andrews and then held two research fellowships—the first at UCLA, the second at University of Copenhagen. In addition to my Ph.D. I hold a BA and a cand.mag. from the University of Copenhagen and an M.Litt. from the University of St. Andrews. During my time at UCLA I founded the Southern California Epistemology Network, and at the University of Copenhagen I was a founding member of the Social Epistemology Research Group. 

I like flat whites, blue sky, cooking pasta, and mixing cocktails.