Professor of Philosophy at Underwood International College (UIC), Yonsei University.
Founding Director, Veritas Research Center and the UIC Research Institute.

Pluralisms and relativisms network:
I run a research network dedicated to the investigation and exploration of different forms of pluralism and relativism. The network is funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Research areas:
My main research areas are epistemology, truth, metaphysics, and philosophy of logic. I used to do a fair bit of philosophy of mathematics, but I spend less time on it now. Much of my recent and current work focuses on pluralism about truth, logic, or ontology (sometimes in combination). I also like to think about epistemic entitlement and epistemic consequentialism. Additionally, I have done some work on the epistemology of absence-based inference, open-ended schemas, and neo-Fregeanism in the philosophy of mathematics.

Prior to coming to Korea, I did a Ph.D. at the Arché Research Centre, University of St. Andrews and then held two research fellowships—the first at UCLA, the second at University of Copenhagen. I'm a founding member of the Southern California Epistemology Network (which I ran 2006-2010) and the Social Epistemology Research Group (SERG) at the University of Copenhagen and have been an Associate Fellow of the Northern Institute of Philosophy and the Arché Research Centre.