I'm Associate Professor of Philosophy at Underwood International College (UIC), Yonsei University. I'm also the founding Director of the Veritas Research Center, a humanities research center at Yonsei University.

Pluralisms network:
I run the Pluralisms Global Research Network funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (2013-2016). The network aims to investigate alethic, logical, and ontological pluralism. These three forms of pluralism will be investigated on their own, but it will likewise be investigated what, if any, connections they might bear to one another.

Research areas:
My main research areas are epistemology, truth, metaphysics, and philosophy of logic. I used to do a fair bit of philosophy of mathematics, but I spend less time on it now. Much of my recent and current work focuses on pluralism about truth, logic, or ontology (sometimes in combination). I also like to think about epistemic entitlement and epistemic consequentialism. Additionally, I have done some work on the epistemology of absence-based inference, open-ended schemas, and neo-Fregeanism in the philosophy of mathematics.

Prior to coming to Korea, I did a Ph.D. at the Arché Research Centre, University of St. Andrews and then held two research fellowships—the first at UCLA, the second at University of Copenhagen. I'm a founding member of the Southern California Epistemology Network (which I ran 2006-2010) and the Social Epistemology Research Group (SERG) at the University of Copenhagen and have been an Associate Fellow of the Northern Institute of Philosophy and the Arché Research Centre.